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    Re: Calling off the wedding?

    I never entertained the thought of calling it off. I did however think during the ceremony..*OMG I wonder if I can do this forever*
    Been married 41 years now, and even if I could, I will never long as I live..marry again. I am happy enough, but once is enough..

    Growing old Inevitable...........Growing up Optional.

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    Re: Calling off the wedding?

    I think if it comes to being at the altar and having serious doubts (as opposed to a mild case of cold feet), then the problems have been there for a very long time already. Much better to pull the pin prior IMO.

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    Re: Calling off the wedding?

    Quote Originally Posted by Leilani View Post
    Haha how , funny this came up , DH and I have been married 30 years today haha, and the week leading up to the big day I nearly called it off as all we did was fight but looking back it was just wedding stress, urgh!!!
    Last week a young bloke who is friends with my eldest DS and he works for us also , his mum and I were in hosp together, called off his wedding which was to be held at Easter, in the Gold Coast, he lives here, they are still together but I feel sorry for the poor girl, I havent talked to him about it as DS said when he told him and DS asked why he said he didnt want to talk about it , but I know everyone had booked flights etc to go , I saw his Mum in Woolies a few weeks ago and she was telling me how she had made the cake decorations, icing flowers etc and was worried about getting them there, so I can just imagine how sad all would be feeling but hats off to him for being brave enough to say how he feels
    Hi Leilani....why on Earth are they still together?
    Nobody on their death bed ever said "I wish I'd spent more time at the office".

    I have no interest in exercising great courtesy to those that afford me none.

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    Re: Calling off the wedding?

    Marriage isnt always the answer people expect.


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