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Thread: Blood Pressure

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    Re: Blood Pressure

    It's not low for me. Low for me symptomatically (meaning when I feel or look like I may faint) is around 70/40 or lower.

    What is normal for me is not normal for others. Some people just naturally run lower than what people perceive to be "normal" but that is what is normal for them.

    We were always taught that a desirable BP is anywhere between 90–120 mmHg systolic and 60–80 mmHg diastolic. So using that reference range, mine isn't low at all and it's never been any concern for my GP. If anything she is continually surprised that it is that stable, considering I am carrying an extra person around all the time.
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    Re: Blood Pressure

    Appears to be a lot of low readings here. Mine is usually about 100/65 ish. Doctor said people would kill to have my BP so I guess its good. Lowest ive been was after an operation - 59/50. Was like that for 3 days. They told me not to get out of bed without assistance but I felt ok.


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