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Thread: DVD Movies

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    Re: DVD Movies

    Yes I put my pics on dics as well, and also get prints done online for albums, I love pics but havent made a dvd movie as yet , no time
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    Re: DVD Movies

    Heather, I have in my Start Menu *Windows live movie maker* I click on that and follow the instructions..Trial and error....
    Jen, I will show you when I come up there.

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    Re: DVD Movies

    I once had a horrible shock, I thought I had accidently deleted all our family photos from my hard drive. I hadn't but it scared me enough to think of somewhere else to save them. I created a DROPBOX account and saved them all to that. Under 2 G is free. It's just extra peace of mind in case I lose both my hard drive and the external hard drive, which is unlikely I know but still ... also, family members can access if you give them the password and add their own pics.


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