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    Trust in God. She will provide.
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    I'm not too sure

    Re: Night owls - are you one?

    Re: Night owls - are you one?

    Yes....look at the time now.
    Weather it be or weather it not Heather complains 'cause it's far from hot
    Her disdain for the rain is catching on quickly To Mad Old Cow she can be quite prickly
    Grab jumper, a scarf or even a dog.
    That'll warm you up, you jolly great snob!!

    In humour by Kekka

    Designed by Cherie

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    Wrecked after a weekend with Cherie.
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    Re: Night owls - are you one?

    Sometimes. No order or pattern with me.
    Nobody on their death bed ever said "I wish I'd spent more time at the office".

    I have no interest in exercising great courtesy to those that afford me none.


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