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Thread: Seasons

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    Re: Seasons

    Quote Originally Posted by Naomi View Post
    OW, I loved the European summer we spent in Denmark - the days were long and delightful**, it never got to those awful temperatures we get here.

    ** Edit - for about 3 weeks
    Love the long summer* nights Naomi

    We had 2 weeks in March when the temps were in the high 20's,it was hotter than parts of the Med!! Think that was our summer lol

    Binx, love the one of the park Don't like fog Tastes awful, causes bad accidents ( it's often coupled with below zero temps leading to black ice on the roads ) No daylight to speak of when it's foggy all day. Just horrible horrible weather.

    But I loved your description, I could just see people scuttling about, bent over, hurrying to get to wherever
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    Re: Seasons

    Binx.....the writer in you is coming out again.....and did you take those photos?.....clever girl if you did.
    I am beautiful inside and out so I should love myself unconditionally.

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    That'll warm you up, you jolly great snob!!

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    Thank you Cherish

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    Re: Seasons

    Great photos Binx..and what a beautiful description of a place I can see you truely love.

    Here is my pic of Qld winter, taken on a beach not far from Moc's island..

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    Re: Seasons

    Binx I <3 what you said and have to say I agree. I've only been to Melbourne twice but my winter visit was the best! Just way too short at only 48hrs.

    OW it's going for mid 20s here today. The sun is out and it's just gorgeous!

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    Re: Seasons

    i know what you mean about the rain it just seems to wash all can be beautiful
    the photos are just lovely...

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    Re: Seasons

    Photos aren't mine ladies, I wish I had the time and inclination (and equipment) to produce this work.

    Thanks H. Most of my writing happens in Melbourne.


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